There are many classes in Poke Wars. These classes define were in your army your pokemon would be replaced. Like Blastoise would be artillery were as Rapidash would be cavalry.

The following are the Classes of Poke Wars.


Artillery is a class of strong long raged pokemon. They usually have some sort of large weaponry such as Genosect and Blastoise's cannon. These pokemon have the middle to long range attacks and are extremely powerful.


Cavalry are mainly four legged pokemon that are very fast. They are usually riden upon or carriers of supplies and are not used that often for attack. However they can ride their masters into battle making them very efficient.


The Infantry Pokemon are a group of pokemon who fight on foot and makeup the bulk of the army.


The navy are pokemon who fight on or below seas and other bodies of surface. They usually strike ports and seaside towns with series of water type moves.

Heavy InfantryEdit

The Heavy Infantry are stronger foot soldiers. They still fight on foot like normal Infantry, however they are much stronger and create the more tank like destructive side of the army. Pokemon who make up the Heavy Infantry are used to break through castle walls and tear through battalions.

Air ForceEdit

The Air Force are made up of any pokemon that are flying type or can fly they fight other Air Force pokemon in the sky or strike Infantry and ground classes with drop by attacks.


The Magi are more of a fantasy twist to the game. They consist of mainly phsycic type pokemon or pokemon with special powers that could be considered magical. Because of this they can be formed into wizards, Sorcerrer, Mages, and Necromancers. Each consisting of their own type Wizards are Normal, Sorcerrers are Dark, Mages are Phsycic, and Necromancers are Ghost.

Longrange InfantryEdit

Longrange Infantry are pokemon who fight on foot but with bows and arrows or other longrange weapons instead of with the common sword or so. They can shoot at least medium range to long range (hence their name).